Cryoskin 3.0 Toning & Slimming 

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When diet and exercise are not enough... Cryoskin can Help!

Cryoskin Slimming

Cryoskin slimming treatment takes approximately 28-minutes. During this time we apply both heat and cold to the targeted area. We will focus on one area of the body at a time. Our technician applies heat at 40 C (104 F) for 2-minues, then 12 minutes of cold at -8 C (-17.6 F). 


The Cryoskins dual thermal therapy causes the fat cells to drop in temperature to between 17 – 12 C (62 F – 53 F) causing them to naturally destroy and pass through the lymphatic system. The goal is to lower the temperature of the fat cells enough to cause a phenomenon of apoptosis. The maximum interval for this treatment is every 2-weeks allowing the body time for the fat cells to naturally pass through your system. 



Cryoskin Toning

Our Cryoskin Toning Treatment is 20 minutes in length – this procedure is similar to Cryoskin Slimming Treatment, but with cold therapy only. Again we will focus on one area at a time but we can perform more than one area in a session. The device will drop to -2 C (28.4 F) this causes local metabolism and microcirculation to improve in the target fat cell area. This immediately boosts and improves your body’s natural production of collagen eliminating cellulite, and toning the targeted area and thus, reducing the signs of aging.

Frequently asked questions

Is Cryoskin Safe?

Yes, it is very safe. The specialty Cryoskin equipment is top rated, the best in the CryoTherapy Industry. The temperature control system is state-of-the-art. There are sensors on the head of the device alongside the vortex flow nozzle. The control system of the device works in real-time. If it gets too cold or you feel uncomfortable, we can and will shut it down manually immediately, so you have a double safeguard – the system’s sensors and automatic shut off, plus our technician is in control at all times.

How does the Cryoskin 3.0 Process Work?

Cryoskin Slimming is done manually through a massage technique lasting just under 30-minutes (28-minutes to be exact). The session begins with the application of heat to the targeted area for a couple of minutes. Then the temperature is immediately lowered to -8 degrees Celsius or 17.6 degrees Fahrenheit for the remainder of the session. Our goal here is to lower the temperature of the fat cells enough to cause the phenomenon of apoptosis. This phenomenon occurs as the fat tissue reaches a temperature of between 36 F and 24 F and causing the fat cells to crystallize and die. These cells are then naturally passed through the body through the lymphatic system and urine.

What are the benefits of Cryoskin Slimming?

Clinical studies show that Cryoskin Slimming technology naturally destroys fat cells, but as with most techniques, the results vary from one individual to another. As our Ventura Cryo technician applies the treatment - part of the fat cell is damaged or destroyed immediately, as the membrane of the fat cell is rendered no longer viable. The body automatically recycles or discharges damaged cells on its own timeline. Some of the damaged fat cells may live to fight another day, so we will attack them again in the following session after two-weeks. The more damaged and the completely destroyed fat cells are discharged as waste over the next 2-3 weeks. During this process these doomed fat cells cannot hold fat, or swell up, as they are in their dying and waste disposal phase. Like all of our Ventura Cryo Therapy offerings, Cryoskin slimming also increases micro-circulation and increases the body's natural collagen production. Unlike some of our other signature therapy solutions - the Cryoskin Slimming treatment uses both hot and cold together - the thermal shock of the treatment challenges the elasticity of the fat cells in the targeted area. The fat cells that can't cope with this rapid change in temperature and are culled.

How does Cryoskin Toning and Cryoskin Slimming Treatment Feel?

The treatment is painless. Some of our clients have described it as a rather pleasant sensation. Others joke and say; "It feels cool!" Why do some Cryoskin Toning and Cryoskin Slimming clients say it feels pleasant? Well, it's simple - it's because of Ventura Cryo's massage-based application technique. See for yourself, it's hard to explain until you've done it. It's pretty fun, painless and the best part, it works!

Who Should not Participate on Cryoskin 3.0?

Anyone with the conditions below should refrain from Cryoskin 3.0 treatments:

• Severe Raynaud’s syndrome

• Suffering from very poor circulation

• Pregnant woman

• Severe diabetes

• Cancer

What are the Differences Between Cryoskin 3.0 Therapy and Other Cryo Treatments?

There are other manual cryotherapy machines which work great for their intended purposes – improving circulation, removing pain, muscle soreness, and reducing inflammation – the list of cryotherapy treatment benefits is well-documented. Cryoskin is a specialty treatment for the elimination of fat cells. After tests and experience, the results from Cryoskin Therapy on fat cells can’t be beaten. CyroSkin garners these results because our device produces both hot and cold in rapid succession. The swift and dramatic change of temperature has a debilitating effect on the body’s fat cells causing them severe damage or complete membrane collapse (death). The waste is then collected and ultimately passes through the lymphatic system.

Why is Cryoskin 3.0 Slimming Treatment Only Allowed Every 2-Weeks?

The natural destruction of fat cells will cause cell waste. This waste is passed through the body naturally, first through the blood then the lymphatic system and then urine. This process on average takes about 2 weeks.

What if I Want to Do My Face, Tummy, Arms + Legs?

In our opinion: No, we advise against it

You are much better off to do:

- Face and arms in one session

- Stomach and legs in another session

In general, in a single session it's advisable to apply treatment on either the upper OR lower parts of the body. These are considered the BMPs (best management practices) for the industry

Since I We Have Two Legs, Does That Count As Two Cyroskin Toning Areas?

No, legs counts as one area because you would divide the 28-minute session time between each leg (14 minutes on one leg, 14 minutes on the other). Good question, we'd like to thank one of our clients for reminding us that people have two-legs, good point!

What Are the Side Effects from Cyroskin Slimming or Cryoskin Toning Treatments?

Generally speaking there are no adverse side effects. You may notice a slight increase in the amount you urinate over the next 3-days following treatment, most people don’t notice. You may notice a different color tint of your urine, this is normal. In a few cases there were the following side effects: In some cases localized redness has been noticed, that disappeared after a few hours and in rare cases there was local pain, not exceeding 2 to 3 hours. Depending on the skin products you use, you might notice some itching – you can avoid this easily by not applying any cosmetic products prior to treatment. There have been some experiences of delayed onset muscle soreness from treatments on the stomach due to unintentionally engaging the abdominals, which disappear later that same evening.

Who are good candidates for Cryoskin Toning and Cryoskin Slimming?

Anyone who has stubborn areas of fat they are looking to reduce will enjoy the results.

Can I Do Anything To Enhance My Cryoskin Toning and Slimming Treatments?

Yes, implementing a healthy lifestyle, and a good diet and exercise program will enhance and the new slimmer and toner you.

How Long Do the Cryoskin Toning and Slimming Treatment Results Last?

The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from 15-days to 3-weeks after the start of treatment and extend for several months after the end of treatment, as your body reconfigures itself and discharges those old fat cells as waste.

How Long After Treatment Will I See The Cryoskin Slimming and Toning Results?

The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from 15-days to 3-weeks after the start of treatment and extend for several months after the end of treatment, as your body reconfigures itself and discharges those old fat cells as waste.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is not an FDA approved medical treatment. It is not used to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Rather it is used to assist the body in maximizing its innate self-healing abilities. Before trying WBC, you should always ask your medical professional if the treatment is safe and appropriate for you. WBC treatments are not administered by a licensed medical professional.