Whole Body Cryotherapy

Recovery & Wellness

• Decreases Inflammation & Pain

• Full Body Detox

• Decreases Stress and Anxiety

• Increased Blood Circulation

• Boosts Immune System

• Reduction of  Cellulite

Cosmetic Benefits

• Reverse Signs of Aging

• Increased Collagen Production

• Improved Skin Conditions

• Reduction of Cellulite

• Weight Loss; Burn 500 to 800         calories (over 24 hours after           treatment)

Face of a Woman

Athletic Performance

• Reduction of Muscle Soreness

• Increases stamina & Energy             Levels

• Faster Recovery

• Endorphine Rush

• Quicker Injury Recovery Time   


Kick Boxer in training
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is not an FDA approved medical treatment. It is not used to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Rather it is used to assist the body in maximizing its innate self-healing abilities. Before trying WBC, you should always ask your medical professional if the treatment is safe and appropriate for you. WBC treatments are not administered by a licensed medical professional.